Cheat Sheet To Keep Your Teeth Healthy Forever.

Regular Check –up for Teeth every 6 months!!!!

Oh! I don’t have any problem in my teeth. They are fit and Fine.

Do they really? Let’s Find Out.

  • FDI Research says globally, between 60–90% of schoolchildren and nearly 100% adults have tooth decay, often leading to pain and discomfort.

In India 8 out of 10 children need dental treatment

Teeth are as much important as other body organs. As mouth is first door for food & bacteria to enter in the body.

Dental Check-up once or twice in a year is worth your precious time.

You will get to know about,

  • Decay/ Cavity in any teeth
  • Starting of Gum diseases
  • Progression of any health diseases

Enamel is outer layer of teeth which is two and half times stronger than bone. Same like bone if you don’t care for teeth it will gradually get damaged.

Teeth can serve you for Lifetime if you take care of it.

Regular checkup –

  1. Every year make half an hour appointment with dentist
  2. Cleaning up teeth once in a year makes gum healthier
  3. Preventive filling prior to decay helps to keep lifetime healthy teeth
  4. Fluoride Application treatment helps your child’s teeth more stronger and fights against oral micro flora.