Modern day orthodontic solutions are not as bad as they were in the 70s and 80s. The technology has improved and there are many better options to choose from. Depending on the degree of misalignment, age of the patient and future development of the tooth, our orthodontist would recommend the most suitable braces treatment for you.

Get it straight while you are still young…

It is important to take your child routinely to the dentist from an early age. A child must be checked for need of orthodontic treatment at the age of 7 years, when teeth and the jaw are still developing. It is easier to treat conditions like jaw shaping or crowding of teeth at an early age.

New advances allow teeth to be straightened at any age but only under orthodontist’s guidance. Orthodontists are specialized in Braces. Which type of braces works best for you is the most important decision made by an orthodontist.

Type Of Braces :

  1. Traditional Metallic Braces
  2. Ceramic / Clear Braces
  3. Self-ligating / Frictionless Braces
  4. Invisible Braces / Clear aligners
  5. Lingual Braces