Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Reason – Why ?

  1. Worn out Teeth – Teeth wears due to 
  • constant clenching of teeth knowingly or unknowingly calls Bruxism
  • Habit of chewing betel-nut constantly or regularly
  • Having gastric acidity weakens your teeth

Treatment —– Full Mouth Crowns and Bridges to sustain normal function

  1. Edentulous mouth – Teeth might fallen due to
  • Weak gum
  • Carious/Infected/broken teeth

Treatment —— Implants and Bridges 

  1. TMJ / Ear Pain? Headache? – This type of problem occurs due to
  • Malocclusion/Crooked teeth, worn out teeth, many missing teeth lead to disturbed occlusion and improper chewing which may give you undiagnosed headache, pain surrounding ear or Temporomandibular joint.

Treatment- Customized composite treatment plan which may include Braces, TMJ Splints, implants for replacement of missing teeth and bridges.