Growth Modulation

Growth modulation is an orthopedic term used in dentistry for upper and lower jaw modification. Imbalance between lengths of jaws can be treated with functional appliances in a growing child. Functional appliances have been used for over 100 years in orthodontics to correct facial deficiencies, asymmetric faces and skeletal malocclusions.

It can be of two types intra-oral or extra-oral. Intraoral appliances are further divided into removable and fixed types. A functional orthodontic appliance enhances the neuromuscular environment, promotes lower and upper jaw growth, and expands the soft tissue envelope. These appliances help in achieving dental as well as facial correction.


  • Efficiency: Facial corrections can be achieved very efficiently with proper appliance at timely treatment.
  • Face changes: In growing children, facial growth can be modified according to the needs. 


Compliance: Patient cooperation is very important for the success of the treatment.