Kids Dental Care

Children have delicate gums and jaws. Since children up to 12 months have progressive jaws, it is advisable to visit a dentist just to confirm that the development is normal.

Even regular check-up is greatly essential among young children so that they learn appropriate dental care.

Kids dentistry covers a variety of procedures like dental emergencies, preventive care like pit and fissure sealants,fluoride therapy, cavity fillings and dental education. At Smile Studio Dental Centre, we have dentists who are specially trained in treating children.

Managing Dental Caries

Full mouth restorations, crowns and root canal treatments in primary and permanent teeth

Managing Dental Trauma

We provide preventive guards for sports injuries among children

Managing Early Loss of a tooth

Due to early loss of a tooth space created in a jaw which may disturb eruption of permanent teeth to manage such condition space maintainers are given to the child.

Managing Children Habits

Many children have a habit of thumb sucking or lip biting or mouth breathing or similar kinds. These habits have deleterious effects on growing jaws and faces. Habit breaking instruments or appliances help children to get rid of such habits.

Dental caries Preventive treatments

Pit and fissure sealants and Fluoride application are preventive procedures for dental caries in children.

Types of Kids Dental Care

Space Maintainer

Pit & fissure sealant

Fluoride Therapy