Root Canal Therapy

Painless Root canal treatment

What is root canal treatment?

If tooth decay is not taken care of, the bacteria may reach the nerve and cause infection. This infection is painful and can damage the whole set of teeth. Root Canal Treatment is essential to save the natural tooth which otherwise will have to be removed. There is no alternative to Root Canal Treatment. Our advanced technology like Apex Locators and Rotary Endodontics ensure you get the most precise and efficient treatment possible.

So, root canal treatment saves your tooth from being removed.

How do you know if pulp is infected?

When pulp gets inflamed, it may cause toothache on taking hot or cold, pain on biting or on lying down. A damaged pulp can also be noticed by drainage, swelling and abscess at the root end.


I. Drilling

Ii. Cleaning

Iii. Filling

Iv. Crown

Benefits :

No solution is better than saving your natural tooth. We recommend Root Canal Treatment over dental Implants, whenever possible.

The minimal pain involved in the treatment helps you get rid of the unbearable pain caused otherwise.

Root Canal Treatment can fix aesthetic issues that may arise due to decay, crack etc.

If untreated, the infection can spread to the gums and even the other parts of the body. So, root canal treatment removes infection and helps in creating healthier smile.