Traditional Metallic Braces

These are the braces we’ve all seen since many years. Metallic braces are strong and affordable. It is usually recommended for extreme cases of misalignment and in cases of child orthodontics. Metal braces use stainless-steel brackets and wires to apply pressure to each individual tooth, gradually coaxing your teeth into a healthy alignment and giving you a perfect, beautiful smile.


  • Price: Traditional braces are typically the most affordable out of all of the options.
  • Complexity: Traditional braces can handle almost any misalignment problem in record time.


  • Aesthetics: Traditional braces are obvious when smiling and can cause self-confidence problems in some. However, the plastic bands on traditional braces come in interchangeable colors that many patients enjoy choosing.
  • Discomfort: Some patients report feeling discomfort when wearing traditional braces. Occasionally, brackets and wires can break or become too long, poking the patient’s gums or cheek tissue.