Dr. Bhagyashree Dave

BDS MDS PhD (Prosthodontics Crown & Bridge and Implantology)

Consultant ProsthodonticsĀ 

Dr Bhagyashree is practicing since 7 clinical years in dental practice.

She has completed BDS & MDS degree from College of Dental Sciences & Research centre, Bopal, Ahmedabad in Prosthodontics Crown & Bridge and Implantology.

Dr. Bhagyashree is also an academician having been associated with College of Dental Science & Research Center at Bopal, Ahmedabad as a senior lecturer in department of Prosthodontics.

Skill she is master of-

All types of Complete and Partial Dentures (removable and fixed), Cast Partial Dentures, Veneers, Smile designing, Conventional Implants, Full mouth Rehabilitation as well as Maxillofacial Prosthesis (Hemi-Maxillectomy/Madibulectomy, Eye, Nose, Ear Prosthesis) and Occlusion correction for TMJ disease treatment.

She is an Active member of-

  1. Indian Prosrthodontic society (IOS)
  2. Indian Dental Association (IDA)