Success Stories

Yatri Panchal

Patient’s complaint – Gap in between front teeth
Treatment story – Direct Veneer between two front teeth
Post treatment result- happy and satisfied patient.


She is our esteemed senior citizen customer, came with a complaint of loss of teeth in the upper jaw and uncomfortable with her conventional denture. We evaluated the jaw, face and her needs for what she came to us. She is a moderate diabetic patient. So checking her medical and dental problems, we suggested her upper fixed teeth with implants. As soon as she accepted the plan within a week we placed implants and gave her a fixed teeth set which she was looking for. She is really happy with her functional corrections as well as facial improvements.

Mauli Shah

She came with the complaint of irregular front teeth and once we checked the problem, we found that she had a dental as well as facial needs to be taken care of. We started with dental braces treatment and once alignment was done, we proceeded for alignment of jaws for facial improvement. After 2 weeks she denied facial changes but within a week she realized that what we were planning and what she noticed in earlier 2 weeks so again she continued the jaw levelling treatment and here she is with a beautiful smile as well as facial balance.